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It will tell you about your love compatibility and many more and will give you best astrology prediction. This exclusive app will provide you information related to prediction for all seven days of week. IT also covers all 12 zodiac signs. This app will reveal your fate by deeply studying the interpretation of three major lines of heart, life and head in chiromancy.

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The heart line will tell you about love, marriage, and friendship while the head line reveals about career, success and wealth. The life line will tell you about your health and energy. This app will also give you results of compatible tests and it has many more features. Kundli Software- Astrology Horoscope Android. This app will read your kundli in detail and will tell you prediction for your future. This app has feature of horoscope matching that is vedic kundali matching which is based on 36 points system.

It will also provide you daily horoscope and is free app for matrimony.

Yodha My Astrology & Horoscope

Here you can also buy gemstones, rudraksh and yantra and many more and can also consult Astrosage astrologers. This app also provides you personalised horoscope, life prediction, monthly and annually prediction, daily prediction, shani Sade sati, kaal sarp dosh, mangal dosh, lal kitab remidies, debts and planetary predictions etc and many more.

It has many more features. Astrology And horoscope Android. It will provide you accurate prediction and calculation which is based on vedic astrology. This app will tell you about astrological perticulars, planetary positions, shodash varga kundali, vimshottari dasha, Bhava sphutas and kundalis, bhava kundali and chalet kundali and many more.

It will provide you customized astrology birth chart, tarot, synastry chart and daily horoscope. It is free application and is easy to use and will provide you many reports and charts which will help you in understanding birth chart.

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It will give you daily, weekly, monthly and annual horoscope also. This app is premium app which will provide you daily prediction and you will get detailed daily predictions with text which is based on biorhythms.

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This app also inform you about your yearly prediction and will inform you about your prediction related to your relationship, money, sex and health. This app also assist you for horoscope compatibility and this app also possess feature of numerology. This app will provide you information by your zodiac sign. This app will give you even more details like birth colour, Chinese sign, and your tree etc. This app supports four different languages that are English, German, French, Greek.

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Your email address will not be published. Daily Horoscope by comitic Android This app is also one of the best Astrology app Android and is most popular astrology app. Without the right information or advice at hand, it may not be easy to make the right decisions.

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With direct access to the largest team of Vedic Gurus on the go, anytime, anywhere, the quality service is guaranteed. How does it work? As simple as it should: 1. Create a birth profile 2. Ask a question 3. An astrologer will create a natal birth chart to make a prediction 4. Receive the detailed answer based on the ancient wisdom Looking for specific insights? Professional astrologers can assist you with all matters you may have in stock.

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What does a compatibility report say? How should I prepare? What is my true calling? I act more like a different horoscope sign! Astrology is an integral discipline of study related to medicine and history in eastern Universities. All of our astrologers are hand-picked professionals having diplomas and degrees in Vedic science. Check how accurate horoscopes and predictions can be for you!