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Updated yourself with the current the chance are likely to face tough competition.

If you are awaiting the results of an interview you appeared recently, this week may be disheartening for you. Engage yourself; keep yourself busy in creative pursuits before you become emotionally wrack.

Libra Weekly Horoscope 7th October 2019 - finances can revive...

Patience is the key, learn from your mistakes. Moving away from the situation is not the solution!!! You may feel melancholic and lonely bird in this week. A long-term relationship may come to an end. The failure in love may give you frustration.

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You may need to create time and space to focus on yourself first, in order for your health to truly improve. If you are constantly putting everyone before you and before your needs, then your health may suffer as a result. Balance in all things is important. You are just as important as anyone else.

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Be nurturing and compassionate to your body as you are to others. Listen to the voice of your body, and here you can grow a beautiful person as ever. This week is good for imagination and creative ideas and it will further be fuelled by friends who you are likely to meet soon. Some old associate or college mate brings concurrent opportunity, to invest time, talent or treasure in something you always wanted to do.

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The week has stored in it various activities like relationship-building, networking, receptions, attending seminars, conferences and sharing experiences and challenges managing a rapidly changing work force in an evolving business world. You are figuratively feeling the blessed, roaming on the ninth cloud!!

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Life seems to be bed of roses. Your soft romantic emotions and desires are fulfilled. If you travel during this time period, and if you are looking for love for a relationship, you may well meet someone while you are away. Conversely, if you have been in a long-term committed relationship for some time, you are likely to find it rising to deepen and intense.

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The good news is that this shift in your intentions will bring you reason to celebrate on many levels. Watch out this month for devious behaviour on the part of someone in your career circle, or tangential to it, whose purpose is to manipulate a situation to their own advantage and against your interests.

Strangely, a point of sorrow that arises over your finances this month will actually lead to good things. Whole new worlds of opportunity will make themselves obvious to you and new forms of income will soon make up for anything that constituted a loss earlier in the month. As mentioned in your sector of finance, what initially seems to be a financial negative, will jettison you into an earning potential that is totally in your independent hands and will therefore bring you greater security.