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He has helped me to overcome alot of problems and difficulties in my life. He is the best astrologer. I would solely recommend anyone to see swami for solving their problems. I feel confident and hope that everything with me will be fine from now onwards. You are no less than a god to me.

I again requisite say that after accepting your service, my relationship with my partner, has revised extensively, and I hope that, we are blooming towards complete harmony. Thanks for everything. Every word looks little in front of your great facility and benevolence. Thanking you again, and always Pandit Ji. I am more than amazed by the accuracy of Pandit Ramdial. Dedicated and sincere. Pandit is the truth is all I can say. I was having problems in my relationship and basically confused about and by the entire situation.

But nit for long after meeting Pandit. Now things are on track and the world is a better place now that my family is coming back closer and more bonded than ever. Thank You! Pundit has thrown us that life line that we needed a couple times. Very friendly, encouraging and faithful. He promotes spirituality and always inspires doing good.

Highly recommended if you need his services…. I am taking time out to share my amazing experience. I got in touch with Mrs. Radha Devi about insights of my future. Not only was her predictions accurate especially regarding my Health and Career but she was adept at understanding your concerns and commenting on more fixed matters from your birth chart as well as providing insights into potentially turbulent or joyful times ahead. Her whole sessions was so comfortable and unlike other Astrologers she didn't rush in to finishing the session nor was she vague.

She just pointed out astrologically the truth of my life and steps to Improvement. She covered all the aspects i was looking for and which indeed is helpful to me to make choices and be cautious when i have to. I have not come across anyone who is so detail oriented. You ask her any silly question she is more than happy to answer it..

I've never experienced such a professionalism and I could feel the honesty in her service. Like many I was a little skeptical as well but after my experience with Mrs. Radha I have a new found respect and faith in Vedic Astrology. I usually don't write reviews but now I felt like I need to. Keep up the good work! I have suffered a lot when it come to relationships and even when I was married,that is why I want to give thanks to Papa Egbe for bringing back my husband. I was confuse and do not no what to do again,rather then to get in contact with Papa Egbe. He did a love spell that make my husband come back to me.

Papa Egbe make him to realize how much we love and need each other. Papa Egbe brought happiness to my home. After 5 years in marriage with my husband with 2 kids, my husband started acting weird and going out with other ladies and showed me cold love, on several occasions he threatens to divorce me if I dare question him about his affair with other ladies, I was totally devastated and confused until a old friend of mine told me about a spell caster on the internet called Dr Paul who help people with relationship and marriage problem by the powers of love spells, at first I doubted if such thing ever exists but decided to give it a try, when I contact him, he helped me cast a love spell and within 48 hours my husband came back to me and started apologizing, now he has stopped going out with other ladies and his with me for good and for real.

I am very happy today with my family. My name is rose sarah living in USA, My husband left me for a good 3 years now, and i love him so much, i have been looking for a way to get him back since then. Jude a spell caster, who helped me to bring back my husband after 2 weeks. Me and my husband are living happily together today, That man is great, you can contact him via email virgolovespell… Now i will advice any serious persons that found themselves in this kind of problem to contact him now a fast solution without steress..

He always hello, now i call him my father. Hello everyone I'm Carolina peter and am here to share the wonderful work Dr tunde did for me. After 4 years in marriage with my husband with 2 kids, my husband started acting weird and going out with other women and showed me cold love, on several occasions he threatens to divorce me if I dare question him about his affair with other women, I was totally devastated and confused until a old friend of mine told me about a spell caster on the internet called Dr.

Best horoscope predictions and solutions given by him and I was very happy with his solutions, thankful to him?????????? I was very happy With the reading brother Joshi , he told me everything about my present and my future. Gave me good solutions for my future life thank you brother??

A wonderful experience and very first to visit the guruji joshi.. I felt very relaxed and relieved of my negativity after left his chamber and I had a blind believe he can do the best for me with his knowledge.. When I consulted this great man my life was in a mess. I lost my home and my wife and I was driven to despair. Joshi helped me to make a fresh start and now I am back with my wife and my life is wonderful.

I will always be grateful to Bhai. God bless you. I had no one who could help me but finally, I got this website and I called pandit Ji and that day was my life-changing day. Thanks, Pandit Ji. After that, I contacted him for my problem and since then my life has changed. He has united us and we are getting engaged soon. I work in an Insurance company Australia and I did all my work honestly yet I was not awarded ever. So I was worried and ask Pandit Ji and he has helped in getting the promotion at work and even among my seniors. I will never forget this. There were constant fights between me and my husband.

I was very stressed and in pain until I came across the most accurate and highly knowledgeable Pandit Ji. He has transformed my life and changed the stress to both of us, peace and happiness. I would recommend him to everyone who has a problem. Prachiji is extremely professional and has very in-depth research in astrology. She does detailing very well. She guided us in proper vastu designing of a house, remedies for the success in job, remedies for investments. Results were amazing and beyond expectations.

I would definitely recommend Prachiji. Prachi helped me in finding new job.. This all works. She told very simple remedies for problems which we can do easily. Thanks you Prachi Prachiji is a very knowledgeable astrologer. She works very hard for clients to give the results that they seek! Just want to give a huge shout out to prachi maheshwari for helping me through a rough time. About month and a half ago I started facing severe anxiety. I also had to prepare for a test for my job. It was very difficult for me to study,focus or do anything normal.

I reached out to prachi who not only listen to my situation with patience but also understood what I was going through and knew exactly how I felt.

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She suggested some very simple remedies which I followed word for word and soon started to see improvement. I did as she suggested for month and a half she suggested the date I should take my exam. She was introduced to us by a friend of ours who talked us into trying the art of numerology and astrology once and see how impactful it is. So we decided to give it a shot, starting with very casual discussion and then sharing our details with her to see what she had to say about things happening in our life. To our surprise, she was bang on target for all that she could read from our charts plotted based on information shared.

And she also certain things which she could forsee coming and we couldnt. We didn't believe all that initially but in due course of time events did happen as she had calculated. After that, we had few more calls serious ones to discuss if there are ways to minimize the impact of such adverse events or avoid them. She explained that it is a science and everything is based on how planetory movements in your chart Kundli and there are remedies to help us. So we started following her remedies and really had tremendous effect on the issues we having in our life.

I would recommend her to anyone blindfolded and have already done that. She is very professional, dedicated, responsive and effective in what she does. All i would say is Thank you Prachi.. Pandit Bhairav was very honest and sincere. He did not waste time sugar-coating and telling me only what i wanted to hear. He was forthright and compassionate. I would definitely recommend! I had issues related to my health and business.

Bhairav has help me recovering from my psychological problems but guided through many issues and hurdles I was facing at that point. I must admit that I'm very well settled and still reach out to them for help. We have known Pandit Bhairav Ji for over 17 years through a miraculous calling. Since then, they have been in our life to guide me and my husband towards a life of health, prosperity and happiness — wishes.

We are truly grateful to have them in our life. What an enlightening experience! Almost everything that Pandit Bhairav Ji mentioned, resonated and gave me some clarity on what direction I need to go and what sort of aspects of my life. Thank you Bhairav Ji for guiding me. My astrological consultation with Bhairav Ji was very interesting and useful. Bhairav Ji worked in a very professional manner and with such care and detail. He shared the information that he had gleaned from my birth chart with great authority and inspired trust.

I really appreciated his work and the consultation gave me faith that there was a good process to for me to work through this year. I got in touch with Astro Bhiairav about insights of my future. Not only was his predictions accurate especially regarding my Health and Career but he went ahead and shared detailed information about other aspects of my life. Thank you for helping me out Pandit Ji. I never believed in astrology and at first was reluctantly visited him due to family pressure and it really worked for me. I will not say it has given me a magical response but my personal life improved a lot.

I really suggest every one that if looking for genuine astrology services go with him. Was in problem in love relationship and i have reached Bhairav Ji. He was able to see all of my issues once we entered his office. My relationship is very good because of Bhairav Ji ram and we both are feeling well because of the help they were able to receive. I had some black magic and evil spiritual problems, I was suffering from this since quite a long time.

Each time I see Bhairav I feel happy and positive knowing all is well. And there prayers are amazing serving God in their life time Thanks for everything. Expectant service given by Mr. Pandit Ji and very humble person. He explains each and everything in detail. His positions was very accurate. Truly he is a wonderful person. I consulted Bhairav Ji about the obstacles I was facing, I felt stuck.

During my consultation with him he was very empathetic about my concerns and worries regarding my work and career. I was surprised at how confidant Bhairav ji was at making things better and to overcome the negative barrier I was facing. I revealed little information about myself, but he very accurately was able to connect with me and was simply amazing. I confidently recommend Astrologer Bhairav to anyone that is curious, or a little lost, or at a place where normal ways aren't enough.

I was having lots of problems with my Boyfriend of 2 years. Pandit Bhairav is a very great astrologer for Palm reading. He is very professional and extremely accurate with his Palm readings. He is the best Palm reader I have been to and offers a great price.

Best Astrologers in Edison, NJ

Had the best experience at Astrologer Bhairav! He is warm, insightful, and accurate. He is pretty much an expert in astrology and people. Thank goodness I found such a cool guide to help me navigate the intricacies of my birth chart. My son completed his Education and he was looking for a job for a long time. Unfortunately, he did not meet with success anywhere.

He tried for nearly three years, and all of us got very worried. We then consulted Sairam Guruji. He advised stop looking for a job. He advised him to start his own Business, began the small enterprise after a puja sairam guru ji asked him to do. It is now two years since he started business is doing quite well, who was unemployed, now employs 40 people working. Thanks for supporting guru ji. I am a Texas based businessman.

But with Pandit sairam guru ji guidance and support, my Business is going so well that we have opened branches in many prime locations in USA. Today the peace and happiness in my family is due to Sairam Guru ji. The Predictions and the mantra which he gave me worked instantly. His expertise in astrology is really great. I recommended every one. I was suffering from black magic 2 years wherever I went was never cured. I Consulate sairam guru ji and he removed this black magic which gave me positive results and now I am happy and better.

Thanks sairam guru ji. Sairam guru ji done pooja for me couple of days back and I felt lot of change in my health, in my life there afterwards. Now I am feeling lot of betterment. I regained my confidence and doing well. Thanks guru ji. Sairam guru ji detail analysis and spends quality time to explain things in detail. Best part is he provides with solutions for problems if any and warns you for better future life. Now I feel more relaxed and have accurate direction for the journey.

My family was facing some problems. We have consulted so many people but no one has answered it correctly and gives ways to correct it. As soon as I consulted with Astrologer sairam, he first started telling about this problem only and suggested the way to correct it. Sairam guru ji suggestion brings a hope to have a happy successful life. Pandit sairam really nice person my marriage life was too much disturbed and had no peace in mind due to that.

But when I met sairam guru ji, the scenario completely i recommend to every one. Pandit Sairam guru ji has good experience of astrology. He is a good vashikaran mantra specialist. He has good knowledge of astrology. I am consulate sairam astrologer on several occasions during my divorce proceedings.

The court ruled in my favor and I got everything I wanted including custody of my kids. Thank you for your guidance sairam guru ji. Eternally grateful for your help. I had issues with my career. I start working it used to come to end. Might be visa issues or project issues, something other come up and there was financial issues always.

I went to sairam guru ji for help. Within 1 months of everything is settled. Now I am happy no issues in life. Thank you guruji. I am very happy to meet with Sairam guru ji. Really amazing my life is changed after the meeting with Guru ji. After getting to much rejection in my professional career the I found astrologer Sairam Guru Ji he advised predictions me some mantras which is very helpful thanks guru Ji.

I was separated with my wife, sairam has done prayers and he will give Advice to me my family, Now i am happy , I am Highly recommended. I was unemployed completed my education and searching for job for quite some time now but opportunity are not clicking which is putting financial pressure on to me. At last my friend suggests to me sairam guru ji to get solutions to my problems. I got job in stipulated time thanks guru ji.

New york. I am very satisfied with the astrologer sairam services. Especially his Palm reading for my education so accurate and effective that I cannot define in words. So I have recommended him to all. Thanks Sairam guru ji for your decisive remedy and guidance. I live in USA, this and I contacted through phone.

His advice I received for my query now solved problems, now very happy. Thank so much. Guru ji. I have been too many astrologers but no one was as accurate as Sairam Guru ji. He is very knowledgeable as well as reliable. He gave me in detail information of my past and it was accurate. Sairam ji Predictions were very right and inline. He helps you to succeed of life in all possible ways with very simple predictions and techniques. I visited this place with my lots of confusion about my job, but after consulting I was clear in my thought process. I am very glad that I visited sairam guruji.

I have lots of problem in my relationship my boyfriend have chetting me,he flarting me but I am love this in seriously i want this any condition but he can't love me when I surching vinod ji he told me don't worry I can do strong on line worship and some black magic remove worship than all kinds of love problem are solved first time I'm not trust him but after no any way I'm agree to start our work in online worship i can see my boyfriend relationship problem are solved and now we are marriage soon really very good person vinod ji an help full person also Thank for my Heart vinod ji.

There are very strong worship online i cant believe after i talk to vinod ji , because he do online work for me but very strong and help full and in very short time really i cant believe i was tension for a long time i had a love affair in last 3 years but i have always fight with my lover some miss understanding problems i think but when vinod ji check he told me some black magic problems of you and your lover why your relationship is destroyed when i do our worship all kinds of problems are gone and i show few day after i performing worship my lover problems are solved permanently.

Me and my husband are living happily together today, That man is great, you can contact him via email liberationlovespell… Now i will advice any serious persons that found themselves in this kind of problem to contact him now a fast solution without steress.. Ketanbhai patel he is very knowledgeble in astrology and vastushastra, has broad experience. I am very pleased with his services and I will consult again and also tell my friends and family. He will guide you with something actually works and he will not put you through big unnesassary expenses.

I had a lot of problems in my life related to getting married but i am very thankful because of GURUJI i am married to a right life partner. Great experience with guruji. Few months ago , I didn't found my soulmate. But luckily when I meet guruji and following the instructions gave by him , now not only I found my soulmate but also I married with her and my love-life going very wonderful. Thank you. Thanks vinod guruji, What a great big worship you do and solved may love problems very short period my love come back thanks so much very trusted person You solved my problm earlist i can see changes in life also save my time and money Thnx again.

In the event that you aren't sure where your life is going as was mine, look for Pandit ji direction. He gave careful consideration to my issues and gives the arrangement rapidly as my better half was having illicit relationship with his mantras now we both are living joyfully. Astro Bhairav helped me in getting my parents to agree to the match.

One of the best Vashikaran specialists in United States. I was never into astrology and didn't believe it was true until my girlfriend introduce me to astrologer Bhairav when I was struggling to get a job. I must agree he is best in the world. Last month I spoke to Pandit Ji and it was a pleasant experience. He predicted my past very well and gave guidance for future by implying planetary motions. He has explained the reasons for his predictions really well and answered all our questions patiently.

I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. Vedic astrology is very vast and Pandit Ji has a good grip on the subject. We made an appointment for my Husband's life reading which lasted for about 2. They gave us an in-depth idea about how things were and the areas where my husband needed to work on based on the horoscope.

I was so confused about these Indian things but when I went to him I was amazingly surprised. They predicted almost everything right about me. I think it is the best astrologer in the India. When I found my boyfriend was cheating on me I thought my life has ended as I loved him more than myself but thanks to my friend she recommended me to Pandit Ji. He not only brought him back but also our bounding is even stronger than before.

I should state he is world's best astrologer, because of my companion who recommended him, if not him I would at present be not ready to adapt up to my business. On account of him and his recommendation that today my deals are on track. He brings happiness into your life by removing problems. A very genuine human being which you hardly see in today's world.

Simple yet authentic. Will guide you in a very positive word, where you remove all your fears and move in life. After visiting him he told me that I was under black magic spell and he expel it in no time. Thank you very much for helping me out Pandit Ji. This Pandit Bhairav helped me very much in overcoming my problems.

One of the best astrologer in the city with great knowledge in astrology. He has more experienced and does the work nicely. Pandit Bhairav is an awesome man with amazing experience and core knowledge about astrology. It helps me to build up my confidence level up, which brings my life back to the track. With the help of astrology one can easily find the solutions to real life problems but the most important role is played by the astrologer who must be having thorough knowledge of the subject and in my opinion Pandit Bhairav is the correct choice for me as he is very great at Astrology.

When Pandit Ji entered my life everything changed from bad to good. My life got settled as I was going through financial crises but then Pandit ji helped me. I have not seen this type of astrologer who can tell the future and the past exactly. According to me this Bhairav Ji is one of the best astrologer in Canada. Pandit Bhairav helped me in solving my very complex love problem. With help of his blessings, I got back my girlfriend who had a breakup with me. Now we are married and living happily. All credits to Guruji.

It was one of the experiences I have ever met. This man let me know everything what had happened in my life since my birth to till now and also guided me to take necessary steps for future. I strongly recommend Pandit Bhairav Ji to everybody who are confronting issues in their lives.

His ideal arrangement and straightforward solutions for my business issues were extremely useful. His examination is constantly precise and unique. There was huge mess in our family and nobody were speaking to each other even after living under same roof it made my life hell after seeing this and then Astro Bhairav stepped in our lives and solved our family dispute.

I am Very impressed with his astrology work. His astrology work is so impressive. He solved my home problems. Thanks for helping me. The way he has guided me, explained me everything in detail, i can tell, that he has lots of experience and is honest too when it comes to predictions and things not every astrologer would tell you. Highly recommended. Astro Bhairav gave me solutions for my family problems I will recommend it to all.

Best astrological experience love it. Astro Bhairav gave me solution and now my business is running well moreover i have owned another business too. Really helpful. He is very knowledgeable astrologer and understood my problems and the remedies also worked for me. He is very genuine astrologer being you can see in today's competitive world. Thank you so much for your kind support and being a major influence in my life. I have been to many astrologers and found all are money minded but not Pandit Bhairav ji he is helped me the result were astonishing.

Honestly I recommend everyone. My husband and I were having differences in our marriage. I really wanted to make it work. My friend suggested Astro bhairav and I was able to save my marriage. Now we are living happily. On account of Bhairav Astrology! The absolute best India Astrologer. This is a result of Astrology I am carrying on with a cheerful life; I might want to thank you for your extraordinary Astrological administrations by and by. I was facing severe problems in my career life, and then my friend recommended me this astrologer.

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He guided me in choosing the right path in my career. Now I am working in a good company with handsome salary. I am really grateful and ever remain thankful to Pandit Bhairav who in excellent way and manner dealt and solved the critical problems of my younger daughters married life. He has solved many of our family problems but my daughters case was too much critical.

Within a month my marriage life was back to normal thanks to pandit ji. The most excellent astrologer in London. Pandit ji is consistent, reliable and accurate. His knowledge and predictions are accurate. I was facing severe problems in my career life, then my friend recommended me this astrologer. Now I am working in a good company with very good salary.

My business was not running well and then Pandit B. Rao gave me solution and now my business is running well moreover i have owned another business too. My parents opposed me for marrying my love since she was of a different caste. With the help of his Vashikaran powers he helped me in marrying my love. Within few weeks I got excellent result from his remedies. My rescuer of life, I thought our marriage has ended but thanks to him both my marriage and money has been saved by him. My friend suggested me to meet Astro Bhairav, with the help of this man I got to know that me and my family was affected by black magic.

He suggested me to perform a simple pooja, now me and my family members are leaving happily. I was not getting any growth in my job, having financial difficulties. Bhairav Ji suggested me some astrological remedies and it really helped me. I am grateful to him. He is good astrologer in all kinds of reading and horoscope I went through lot of problem in my life. After I meet him. His prediction has always been true and accurate.

My girlfriend is from another religion and my family was opposing my decision but one of my friend took me to this godly man who solved my problems within a month thanks to Pandit ji now I am happily married. Asto Bhairav suggested me black magic removal solution and it really helped me. He is not just an Astrologer but also a advisor, When I and my husband were having conflicts on various reasons he astrological power have solved all our problems not only that but also advise us that how can we make are relationship stronger.

Pandit Ji helped me in getting my parents to agree to the match. One of the best Vashikaran specialist in London. The only person who helped me when I was struggling with my professional life. I never thought he could deliver result so quickly. My relationship with Astro Bhairav is from past two decades. He is like god for me and my family. He is the most reliable and trustworthy person, because of him my life got settled. My relationship with Pandit Bhairav is from past two decades. He brings satisfaction into your life by evacuating issues.

An extremely veritable individual which you scarcely find in this day and age. Basic yet true, Will manage you in an exceptionally positive word, where you expel every one of your feelings of trepidation and move throughout everyday life. Astrologer Bhairav is very best Black Magic Specialists. Feng Shui, literally means wind and water, is an Ancient art of creating positive energy and is becoming a popular way to create ideal work and home environments. Feng Shui is called the "Art of Placement," that balances the life energies, or chi, in a living space.

Using simple "cures," it increases the flow of positive chi and subdues the negative flow. And according to the theory of Feng Shui, harmonizing our personal chi with the chi in the environment puts us in harmony with the natural forces of nature and, which results in a healthy, happy and prosperous life. Parad Items in the form of beads is also very powerful cure of diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases.

The bead or rosary of parad beads shall be worn around the neck or waist. It is said in Brahma Purana that he who worships Mercury Shivling devotedly, whether one is male or female, Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra gets full worldly pleasures, and at last attains supreme destination salvation. During life-span they get glory, honor, high office, name and fame, sons, grandsons and learning. Consultation form. Astrology Vastushastra. Name :.

Email :. Phone no :. Message :. Indian Vedic astrologer Priti Joshi. Vastushastra Expert Yogesh Joshi. Horoscope service. Kundali Matchmaking. Gemstone Consultancy. Baby name by Nakshatra. Yearly Horoscope. Vastu For Residence. Vastu For Business. Vastu For Apartment. Vastu for Office. Feng Shui. Not a member yet? Log in or. By signing up, I agree to Seekkr Terms of conditions. Do you know your password? Home Consultancy. Best Indian Astrologer in New York offers remedies and solutions provided by Maa sumedha Ji are accurate and based on devotional prayers, which help you to lead a happy and successful life.

When you consult Maa sumedha Ji for your problems, feel confident and safe for not getting it disclosed with anyone or the third party by Indian Astrologer in Edison Nj. Related Tasks Posted at Seekkr see all I need help to re enable my facebook account. Writer job in karachi.

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astrologer in edison nj

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