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Our thought patterns and communication styles become more logical, orderly, and organized. We are more able to sort out what is relevant and essential. Realism enters the picture, our speech is no-nonsense, and precision becomes important to us. We need to be wary of becoming too rigid in our thinking.

We may come across as cold or harsh. For some, there is a fine line between realism and pessimism. We move towards unconventionality, independence, and freedom as themes in our social relationships under this influence. Aquarius can be just as faithful as Capricorn, but it has to be on his own terms!

Experimental relationships are more intriguing now. Being friends as well as lovers is important to us during this cycle. Allowing one another freedom of expression, and treating others fairly, unselfishly, and impartially, are themes now. In Scorpio, Mars is driven and focused on getting what it wants.

We are persevering, single-minded, and strong.


The desire to experience our emotional depths, as well as the urge to penetrate the surface of life in order to explore deeper levels of existence, is powerful. We are fascinated with what others tend to repress, and are drawn to experiencing and understanding these things. We are less inclined to avoid important issues now. In some ways, we are attracted to crisis, as we see crisis as transformative and emotionally exciting.

With a Sagittarius Mars, our actions are motivated by our ideals. We are bothered by routine, quickly becoming restless if we feel confined.

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We have a love of adventure, and of conquest—this is the position of wanderlust. We start projects or challenges with gusto, although we may tend to abandon them rather quickly. This may be because we set our sights too high! The urge to start fresh, to break free from restrictive attitudes or circumstances, to totally redesign an area of our lives or even our personalities , and to gain freedom through independence is strong with Uranus in Aries.

Venus is in Aquarius from January February Our talents for creating artistic structure and form are enhanced, and our ability to form connections with people who support our ambitions is increased. We value enduring connections, reliability, and faithfulness. We take expressing our feelings seriously, and we take our time to warm up to others.

Taking initiative in matters of the heart is a theme now.

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Venus parallel Pluto January The desire for drama and intensity in relationships is with us. Love feelings and relationship issues can be all-consuming now, assuming more importance in our lives than usual.

January 21 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aquarius - Part 1

Interactions with others are intense now, and themes of sharing and trust dominate in relationships. Venus parallel Mars January Favors romantic and sexual relationships. Intense passions. Love cannot be forced. This is not a commitment-friendly transit, as we may feel alienated for no apparent reason and unwilling to give of ourselves.

Venus opposition North Node true January This is a time for reviewing our attachments in terms of whether they are contributing to our growth. We are charitable with others and have a stronger desire than usual to find meaning in our relationships. There may be some overstating or overindulgence now, however. Venus semi-square Saturn February 2. Feelings of isolation, of not getting what we really want, and of not being loved the way we want to be loved can get in the way of pleasant relations with our partners.

Venus square Jupiter February We experience a strong desire for more pleasure in our lives, which can be excessive. Take care not to overstate your feelings or to set up unrealistic expectations in your partnerships. As well, take what your partner says with a grain of salt. There is no malicious intent involved, but feelings of elation can cloud our judgment, and we can promise more than we can deliver.

We lose our fear of taking risks at this time, and we happily embrace all that is new, unusual, and out-of-the-ordinary with regards to romantic involvements. We are ready to experiment, but not necessarily ready to commit. The Void of Course Moon is the period of time after the Moon has made its last aspect in one sign until the Moon enters a new sign. During Void of Course Moon periods, it is generally wise to stick to routine rather than to begin new projects. Void of Course in Horary Astrology: If you were asking a question and making a chart for the answer, as you do in Horary astrology, it is said that since the Moon is not looking forward to any more aspects in this sign, you would have to say that the answer is not forthcoming; any questions asked at this time would not come to pass.

The following tables incorporate the modern planets, but some astrologers do not count Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in void Moon calculations. The Moon is waxing this week — a period that is generally considered favorable for new beginnings, with exceptions. See Best Time to Start a Business for more details.

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See also: Astrology of Today — an overview of the day. This Week in Astrology Calendar: January , Mercury conjunct Pluto. Mental activity can be intense at this time. We may uncover valuable information or gain understanding. Thoughts, ideas, and communications are more intense and focused. Efficiency and relevancy become important to us. Our minds are investigative and probing, and we may be bent on revealing truths.

Our persuasive powers, strategic thinking, and observational skills increase, but we may also be suspicious, manipulative, obsessed, or we might be involved in frustrating mental battles if we handle this transit improperly. Mercury sextile Jupiter. Positive thinking, new insights, and cooperation are themes now. This influence favors short trips, writing, teaching, studying, submitting applications and forms, test taking, and making diagnoses and observations.

This is a time when we more readily exercise good judgment, take a more philosophical approach to thinking, and are more open to learning. Venus semi-square Chiron. Blocks to intimacy are possible now as we focus on differences rather than similarities in our relationships with others. We might have a hard time learning from one another as a result. See below for day-by-day forecasts and planets in signs.

See also Transit to Transit aspects. See also: Astrology of Today — an overview of the day — Astrology Cafe. See also the new Astrology Trends Calendar that includes these daily trends overviews and other astrological events such as ingresses, stations, and lunations. The Moon aligns with Chiron and connects pleasantly with Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars, opening up many opportunities and possibilities for understanding and cooperation.

Optimistic spiritual energy can be brought to our lives now. We tend to connect to a higher purpose and may enjoy a feeling of well-being. This is a time of opening our hearts and our minds and allowing our more compassionate natures some free play. Today is good for solving problems, learning new things, teaching and sharing, and creating order. The Moon in Aries is assertive, active, and spontaneous. We instinctively feel the need to start fresh or to put plans into action.

While we want to be the first to discover new things, the Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Venus today, promoting cooperation and camaraderie. The Moon spends the day in direct, assertive, and bold Aries, stimulating our desires to initiate, start with a clean slate, and come first. The Moon forms squares with Mercury and Pluto as both bodies move towards an alignment, exact tomorrow. The intensity of our thoughts may seem to clash with our desire for straightforward answers, and we can feel divided.

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A Sun-Saturn semi-sextile influence is less grating but has a similarly weighty effect, as we can find it a little difficult to enjoy ourselves thoroughly without a vague feeling that we may be neglecting a responsibility. While there is an easygoing and laid back quality to a Taurus Moon, Mercury aligns with Pluto today, stimulating intense mental activity. We might uncover valuable information or gain insight into a matter now. This is a time for finding hidden meanings, although if this goes too far, we may be obsessed, manipulative, or paranoid.

Increased tension or worry may motivate us to make useful changes, however. Efficiency and relevancy become especially important to us. Our persuasive powers, strategic thinking, and observational skills increase, but we might also become involved in frustrating mental battles if we mishandle this transit. Mercury is also moving into a sextile with Jupiter, however, and this can help us keep things forward-looking. A Venus-Mars parallel boosts our desire to merge and create.

Relationships or connections are tremendous motivators now. Our minds open to possibilities. The Moon spends the day in steady, comfortable Taurus. Cafe astrology adds that they are "determined when they have a goal in mind. Taureans are also quite sensual and, often, self-indulgent 'beasts'. So not only is your average Taurus going to be bag before milk, but I reckon that tea will be brewed for a long time and have a dark rich taste.

According to Faragher's description of Gemini traits in Allure, it's a pretty dead cert that the celestial twin sign, might actually be in two minds about the whole situation. And with Cafe Astrology throwing up keywords like adaptable, flexible, changeable, and versatile : with this sign you may well get someone who likes to mix it up.

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  7. By which I mean mix the milk in before the tea sometimes, and sometimes make it the usually way. Do you wanna play that kind of roulette with your hot beverages? I didn't think so. Faragher told Allure that "cancers are highly intuitive, and their psychic abilities manifest in tangible spaces: For instance, Cancers can effortlessly pick up the energies of a room.

    OMG you guys, Faragher's description here throws up a whole load of considerations. Unlike Gemini's ability to go either way, these guys basically go along with whatever everyone else is doing. As Cafe Astrology says, they are, "gentle, conservative, feeling, nurturing. Which is either the best or the worst thing ever. So maybe make your preferences crystal clear before you let them make you a cuppa. So for that big old lion, it is a definite sort of king of the jungle vibe according to Faragher's description in Allure. So, in respect of their royal status, surely we should have a wonder about what her maj Queen Elizabeth does right?

    Teabag first, milk after. According to Faragher's thoughts on, Virgos they're pretty set in their ways, they love the process of things and don't tend to deviate. Librans are totally here for keeping things breezy in their lives. Yes, peace love and harmony is the name of the game for this sign, with Faragher pointing out that equilibrium is a vital part of their day to day lives. According to Cafe Astrology, your average Libra is, "accommodating, kind, fair, diplomatic, and likeable".

    To be honest as Libra myself, I completely and utterly couldn't care less either way how you make my tea.

    cafe astrology just called me a hoe

    However, I can name at least one other Libran who is horrified at the mere thought of milk before tea. So when it comes to Librans, I think it depends entirely in which direction their scales tilt. Faragher says that seemingly, Scorpios are often fairly misunderstood. It's that stingy old tail isn't it? In fact, Scorpio is a water sign that derives its strength from the psychic, emotional realm," she told Allure. With Cafe Astrology calling them, " determined, probing, fixed , focused", it's fair to say that Scorpios are not about to be moved by other people's opinions.

    According to Faragher's expert knowledge, Sagittarius is a sign that is perpetually seeking to know more. The last fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius launches its many pursuits like blazing arrows, chasing after geographical, intellectual, and spiritual adventures," she wrote on Allure. Cafe Astrology says that these guys are "adventurous, honest, irresponsible, outspoken, independent". And having dated one I can say percent accurate on all sides.

    The beautifully independent and wonderfully weird Sagittarius is IMO the one to throw a bit of a spanner in the works. I think they will completely go rogue and just say, "I drink my tea black". Represented by the 'sea goat', according to Faragher, Capricorns "are skilled at navigating both the material and emotional realms. Gosh but what does that actually say about their tea drinking needs? Cafe Astrology's keywords show they are real go-getters.

    They are "tenacious, conservative, resourceful, disciplined, wise, ambitious, prudent, constant. Faragher tells Allure that Aquarians are into doing what makes other people and the world as a whole feel better, "Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land. Accordingly, Aquarius is the most humanitarian astrological sign," she explained.

    Cafe Astrology's keywords for Aquarians are "individualistic, assertive, independent, humanitarian, inventive , original, and eccentric. So I think the argument for your average Aquarian isn't going to be the when the milk goes in but the where the milk is from.

    If their caring traits are anything to go by, Aquarians will most likely be opting for a more environmentally-friendly plant-based option. Pisceans have a heck of a lot on their mind and are total dreamers, according to Farragher's assessment.