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English Version. What Watch 1. The program creates ephemeris lists for any given combination of planets providing dates of the transit itself, of stations and of sign changes. It was created as an add-on to transit modules of major astrology software.

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Astro Clock Vega Software k. I personally love this! An icon sits in your system tray telling you what sign is currently rising. You can have an on screen display in chart form of all the current transits and aspects, configurable for your location. The chart updates itself every few minutes. AstroClock Astrowin. Astroline Astrowin.

Matchmaker Astrowin. Midpoint Astrowin. ProgTran Astrowin. Transits Astrowin. The Zodiac drawings true color, x resolution take turns with various transitional effects that make your desktop astrological look. The oracle will answer your questions! The current phase of the moon is shown with shooting stars in the background and also gives you a reading. Astrology Wizard Screensaver approx 1mb. Screensaver for each zodiac sign with characteristics of the sign, its glyph and constellation.

New Age Screensaver 62k. Galaxies, comets, planets - move it all around yourself to control your own universe! Soul Guidance Screensavers. Space Travel Screensaver kb or 2. His personal choice to demonstrate this technique is based on a speculative U. The last chapter on Geodetic charts is likewise speculative. The geodetic chart he uses starts by projecting the zodiac onto the global map with 0' Aries going through Greenwich. The natal chart is then combined with this geodetic map to produce a geodetic chart.

He uses the example of Krishamurti to show why this guru's favourite place in the world was Ojai, California. The seven appendices alone are worth the price of this book. Michael Erlewine's original articles on Local Space are included as Appendix 4, and Martin Davis adds his insights on Pluto and other technical considerations about Local Space.

If you have any interest at all in the "where" of astrology, Astrolocality Astrology is the best entrance point. Available from: www. Davis who also wrote several chapters edited this collection of essays on current applications in the branch of astrology that considers space as well as time. Although Lewis is recognized as a pioneer in the field and many of his students have contributed chapters to the book , other computer programmers have designed sophisticated methods to measure how planets relate to location.

Local Space LS and Geodetics are now available in software programs, along with innovations such as the addition of Chiron, the asteroids, and midpoints; maps for solar return and progressed charts; and much more. Davis's first chapter on the history of mapping techniques discloses the interesting account of the developments that preceded Jim Lewis's work in the s i. The book is then comprised of 15 essays by experienced astrologers, many of whom are highly innovative in their approach. The original version of this chapter appeared in The Mountain Astrologer , Oct.

This chapter provides a fascinating look at the time and place for key presidential inaugurations in the United States. George Washington, for example, became he first president in New York; his second inauguration was in Philadelphia, and the event was moved to Washington, D. Another remarkable essay from the collection is by Dale O'Brien. The book also includes chapters on business issues, relocation for career, and reincarnation. Anyone studying or using locational astrology will appreciate this book. If you are new to the subject, let me cite one of countless evocative passages to pique your imagination.

Bush gazing helplessly out of an aeroplane window at the flooded city of New Orleans. Yet, one of the most inspiring sights was the same man addressing the rescue workers at Ground Zero, New York. It very often happens that one is like the proverbial fish in the bowl, not cognizant of the fact that he is swimming in water because there is no experience of otherness to create that awareness.

To some extent, this article is a response and dialogue with Alkan. In this case, the critical question involves the application of astrology. Is it used to find propitious times in our lives or to benefit as a helping profession in social and psychological sciences? According to some scholars in Sufism Islamic Mysticism , astrology may be permissible in Islam because it is neither illusion nor demonic practice. Instead, astrology is based on statistical knowledge which motivates people for further research and comprehension of the human condition.

The implication is that the two chief reasons for rejecting astrology are that it is either an illusion or else demonic.

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The first stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of how astrology works. Many have argued, for example, that the planets cannot possibly affect us because they are too far away. The planets are just rocks in space. The Quran also makes this plain. The celestial bodies are guides to the wise. The best analogy that comes to mind is that of a clock. Those who seriously want to know how astrology can work will find scores of articles on this blog, dealing with that question in one way or the other.

The demonic issue appears to be more complex in Islam than in the other Abrahamic religions because Islam includes the Jinn. One is not free to imagine there are no Jinn, any more than one is free to deny the existence of angels. These are elements of the Islamic faith.

They are as much a part of Islam as who vastly outnumber humans and are invisible unless they choose to take a particular form. They are smokeless fire beings associated Iblis, the Islamic Lucifer. However, there are apparently many beneficial Jinns. The prophet Sulyman employed Jinn to great effect and this is celebrated in the Quran. They have also been associated with arts such as astrology. Although one might turn this into an impossible quest, thwarted at every step by the haunting possibility that a bad Jinn is deceiving us into believing it good, there is a way through.

We can know what is good by what it produces. If true astrologers can provide medical insights, auspicious dates for doing anything from starting the building of Baghdad to planting celery, identifying areas of conflict between nations and between a brother and sister, we ought to rule out the agency of evil beings. Jinn vastly outnumber humans and are invisible unless they choose to take a particular form.

They are smokeless fire beings associated with Iblis and they can live for several hundred years. However, there are beneficial Jinn. There is nothing particularly different about this than things we do every day. A good recipe is judged by what the dish tastes like. If true astrologers can provide medical insights, auspicious dates for doing anything from starting the building of Baghdad to plating celery, identifying areas of conflict between nations and between a brother and sister, we ought to rule out the agency of evil beings.

Such is neither my expertise or interest. Although one might turn this into an impossible quest, thwarted at every step by the haunting possibility that a bad Jinn is deceiving us into believing it good, there is a clear way through. If competent astrologers can provide invaluable medical insights, auspicious dates for doing anything from starting the building of Baghdad to planting celery, predicting the weather, identifying areas of conflict between nations and between a brother and sister, we ought to rule out the agency of evil beings.

He was leading his Companions in the Fajr prayer.

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This is what has prevented you from eavesdropping on the news of the heavens. So we have believed in it, and we will join none in worship with our Lord. That the Quran was a revelation to both humans and the Jinn is a central element in Islamic thought. There is a copy in the archives. Yet the Jinn are not be universally trusted by any means. There is an Islamic account, which might be apocryphal, that nevertheless holds a lot of weight. The story goes that angels get together to discuss the future, only to be overheard by evil Jinn who then corrupt the truth while leaving enough factual content to deceive the fortune teller and impress the querent.

This was well-received throughout the Islamic world. In The Holy Koran, they are described as being created from smokeless fire. Jinns are the descendants of Satan like Humans are descendants of Adam but most of them are very deceptive and dangerous for humans. When God has a certain event planned in our lives, he commands the angels to create the conditions to fabricate them.

In some cases, jinn sneaks up and overhear the future event and passes this information to the fortune-tellers through Tarot, I-ching or any other objects. As a result, the truthful events overheard from Angels are embellished with lies to cause confusion. Further to this view, we find a great deal of confirmation for credence in astrology as such:.

Prophet Idris, also known as Enoch in the Old Testament, was blessed with his immense knowledge of heavenly sciences.

As compared to modern science, he had a more complex knowledge of astronomy. Historical records illustrate his birth in Babylonia and his migration to Egypt later in life. History also collaborates that astrology was first born in Babylonia and then spread to Egypt. Prophet Idris was supposedly known to be the first person to educate mankind that living creatures are under the influence of cosmic rays.

Alkan then refers to modern horoscopes wherein the Sun is regarded as the only star and therefore the knowledge that belonged to the ancients is lost. First of all, no serious astrology considers newspaper horoscopes as having anything to do with authentic astrology. True practitioners of the art pay a great deal of attention to fixed stars. For some, this may be all the scriptural references to prophets such as Daniel and Enoch may be all they need to accept the halal relevance of reading the stars.

However, it is very difficult for many people to understand the difference between fortune telling and authentic astrology. In large part, the difference is not merely in the technique, but in the intent. This kind of divination is common among people who interact with and live close to the natural nature. In fact, a Muslim colleague from Pakistan once told me that reading the stars is reading the signs of nature. To refer to it as polytheistic is to completely misunderstand the nature of astrology. But what if I say you will meet a man in a white suit on Sunday 21 August. He has brown eyes and you will marry him?

Here, we have gone from reading the signs of nature and no matter what technique is used there are several problems. We are talking about humans here and humans have choices to make. Even if this mas were to show up on this date in that suit, neither of you have indicated an interest in marriage. The point here is that we are not really reading the signs of nature — I do not know of an astrologer who could predict with such personal detail, for a specific date.

It is on these occasions that dark forces might be implicated, not only with Muslims but other belief systems as well. It is precisely because we cannot point to the action of crows of the entrance of a planet into a new sign, to explain the findings. Islam has taken the Abrahamic hatred for idolatry to the most extraordinary heights, being seemingly unable to distinguish between the evocative value of art from the worship of idols at all.

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This was why the Bamiyan Buddhist statues were destroyed. It was considered a holy act and I think they were sincere, even if regrettably misguided. The world lost an extraordinary heritage site, going back to the Buddhist period of what is now called Afghanistan, but to a literalist who considers all religions but his own as idolatrous, their destruction was an act of piety. The answer, if you get one at all, to the question: is astrology permissible in Islam will depend on who you ask, which source texts they consult and how they interpret them.

All three criteria are subject to a multitude of considerations. The fact that the timing of the construction of Baghdad was trusted to astrologers and that medicine was so inextricably connected to astrology appears to be better known outside of Islam than within it.

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Clerics differ wildly on many subjects, but with respect to astrology, polarized views are adamantine. Attempts to explain the true nature of astrology are mostly doomed before they begin. One of the fruitful paths is to show how astrology has been used by Muslims and particularly during what is considered the Golden Age of Islam. Canopus shines times brighter than our Sun. He was a distinguished Iranian scholar who was conversant in poetry, history, geography, and natural history.

He served as legal expert and judge in several localities in Iran and at Baghdad. This treatise has been translated into Persian, Turkish, and German and is concerned with subjects such as astrology, cosmology, and the natural sciences. The author was very fond of Pliny the Elder and other Greek classical works.

This is but a drop in the ocean. He was also an astrologer and he used this as an integral part of his medical practise. He spoke several languages, was extraordinarily well versed in philosophy and theology among many other things. His correspondence with Al Biruni is extant and illuminating, for anyone wishing to get a deeper insight into the Islamic culture of the period. There is a statement attributed to Hippocrates, although the written location of the quote remains a mystery. Nevertheless, it is by no means out of place with what we know about Greek humoral medicine.

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This was certainly taken to heart by Islamic translators of Hippocrates, Galen and others. What is seldom mentioned is that Culpeper knew of Avicenna and had access to his work. The uses of authentic astrology are immense and have been passed on for the most part in scrupulous detail. This is not to say that the tradition is a monolith that can never be changed. It required a very good grasp of mathematics, astronomy, and writing, among many other things.

Ergo, something you would. His scientific edifice rested on Aristotelian physics and metaphysics capped with Neoplatonic emanationism in the context of Ptolemaic cosmology, all revised, re-thought, and critically re-assessed by him. The system was therefore both a research program and a worldview. There are dozens of others that can be cited, but this will not convince anyone who has decided that astrology is haram.

Muslims often opine that the decline in Islam is a result of not following the literal interpretation of the Quran and Sunnah closely enough. If Averroes had won the debate, Islam would most likely have had its own Renaissance and Enlightenment. However, he lost and was sent into exile. Of course, other religions, particularly some versions of Christianity have had their own iconoclasts and toters of pitchforks and torches, accusers and inquisitors.

Understandably, the father was stricken with grief, but he did something that might seem odd to us. He summoned all his companions. The experience of Prophet Muhammad is considered proof that there is no celestial influence or synchronicity between such phenomenon and human events. The understanding and accurate forecasting of eclipses preceded Islam by thousands of years.

The pre-Islamic astronomers were sophisticated enough to name and track the unfolding of saros cycles. At the same time, we are asked to believe that the prophet literally split the Moon into two pieces. Eclipse Lunar Moon phases and eclipse illustrated by the great tenth-century Persian scholar Al-Biruni. For many years, I assumed that all Muslims took these stories as metaphors od a mystical experience as do I. The alternative is rife with problems, even more so than the Night Journey.

The prophet literally flew to Jerusalem on the back of the buraq steed. It is impossible to ignore the fact that before and after the prophet, there was a highly evolved science of the stars that had precious little to do with superstition with demonstrative techniques and stunning accuracy. I cannot help but think that Muhammad knew this. Perhaps the story has become corrupted over the years because the Quran is not so dismissive. Also, as a merchant, he had traveled a great deal and interestingly included the Chaldeans along with the People of Book.