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Remember, you can use these techniques to not only understand yourself but also any other process you wish to understand better. Each aspect of creation, whether it is a sentient being, a plant, a project, a country or a poem, has a moment of birth, a time when it was Created hence the Book of Creation.

The 22 Paths of the Tree of Life | Cosmic Navigator

That moment in time can be traced on the Tree of life and is described by two distinct paths:. This spiritual highway outlines the primary mission of your life, your chief metaphysical goal. It shows you where to direct your focus, where to push, and what to aim for. The Natal Path - Describes the characteristics, personality traits and tools most available to you in this lifetime. The Natal Path reflects the driving force vital to your ultimate success.

A metaphor might help you understand the difference between the two paths. Consider the Destiny Path to be your profession and the Natal Path, the way you go about pursuing success in your chosen field. I connect Geburah with Mars, they represent fighting, power, judgement and discipline.

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I connect Chesed with Jupiter; they represent mercy, compassion and peace. The more balance there is between the opposites, the more inner peace you will gain.

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The Kabbalistic Tree of Life

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An Introduction to Kabbalistic Astrology

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Lost Secrets of The Tree of Life & The Zodiac