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Thanks G-Dragon would definitely encourage you to just live with him for a couple of days, at least until your hand was healed. I really hope you guys enjoyed it, made you smile or made you feel giddy by getting your bias as your best match : It was a lot of fun making it, so thank you for supporting and loving it!

You, BigBang and the Zodiac

You can be sure that the happy times you spend with your Scorpio Man will outnumber the disagreements. Although you seek freedom and he seeks power, both of you do so inwardly rather than having unrealistic expectations of finding it in the material realm. The chemistry between you is strong enough to replace any of the forms of sensory stimulation that either of you may be tempted by.

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Both of you are also private people, and tend to avoid situations that limit your freedom. You have the ability to bring variety and mystery into his life, and he has much loyalty, devotion and love to give in return.

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There are times when he may be completely baffled and surprised by the off-the-wall antics of an Aquarius Woman. Your co-ruler, Uranus, rarely lets you do anything in a conventional, routine or tedious manner, and your man likes that.

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He loves the truth, and your perspective on it. The typical Sagittarian Man is full of questions, and your unique or original answers to them are probably a new experience for him. Both of you like the outdoors and animals; you both enjoy travel. He is likely to engage in risky activities, like sports that border on the dangerous sometimes they actually are and gambling, but he tends to be lucky.

Nevertheless, you both have enough understanding of each other to talk these things out before you spoil the superb chemistry between you. He was in love with you too.

Big Bang's Daesung to start military duty on March 13, Entertainment News - AsiaOne

You both knew that your brother, Kwon Jiyong, would not be happy about this… at all. So, you both decided to keep it a secret.

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  • That secret would not leave from you two… or from under the sweaty bed sheets you shared on secret, passionate nights. It was hard, but things suddenly got harder. Read Chapter 1 Here. Choi Seunghyun.

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    • G-Dragon Kwon Ji-yong. Taeyangs Abs. King Maknae. GTOP Bromance. Likes Comments Like Multifandom coz it's life. GD is my UB and i'm Aries Guess how happy i am!!! Reply to: Multifandom coz it's life Super duper happy!!!! I'm a Gemini so it's opposite. Go Gems! I'm a Libra. Glad you're happy!!!